The careers of IT professionals are constantly at risk due to the astounding pace at which the technology landscape keeps changing. In addition, the current market volatility, supply and demand imbalances and job cuts in many sectors such as oil and gas, financial services have once again reminded us that we live in challenging times.


It can be quite strange and discomfiting to learn that a technology skill that was acquired and specialized in is suddenly not in demand any more. At some point in time in their careers, many IT veterans find themselves facing obsolescence. But while we know that technology change is the fundamental reason for it, and that it’s bound to happen, there are other factors because of which we don’t respond to it well enough or in a timely manner. We may be too much in a comfort zone and resistant to change. We may not be motivated enough or see enough opportunities to go the extra mile to learn a new technology. Sometimes we are in a role involving legacy technologies and it seems difficult to let go of it because it pays very well for the moment. But while we continue the status quo we actually harm our professional development and career growth potential.


So what’s a good way to look at and deal with the threat of technology change and turn it into an opportunity to protect career growth?


From my perspective, when a new technology evolves everyone starts to learn it from ground zero. That means that to start with, not many people are experts at it in the first place. In fact, the technology itself may not be completely matured before it begins to be applied. So if one decides to focus on learning that one new technology the playing field starts to level out. The competition becomes less daunting, and in time, one can be recognized as excelling in through working with it. If you are already an experienced professional, learning a new technology is very likely going to be even easier and quicker.


The demand for skills in a new technology always exceeds the available supply, especially earlier on. If you’re prepared, then bingo! You’ll be among the industry’s most valued people in no time. Wouldn’t you like to be in that situation?


Additional expertise in just one new technology can result in a lot of positive difference to your career growth. To find out which new technology is the one that would best suit your goals and how you can get on the path to developing skills in it, visit MyTechLogy and get started by creating a new Career Initiative.