Hire-Train-Deploy: On-demand

There are times when requirements mean that Digital and IT professionals are needed, as per the required skills, for the critical projects and local supply of technology talent pool is limited. Sciente Consultants can work with you, to derive a strategy to source the talents with certain agreed foundational skills and train them for the required skills before we deploy them on the projects.

Sciente International’s tech talent sourcing expertise combined with Sciente Academy – which allows us to focus on training the professionals in line with the required skills, and project management capability, you can leave the Hire-Train-Deploy as a project to us.

Despite the limited talent pool and regardless of the size and scale of your project resource challenge, we have the expertise and experience to deliver. Whether you need a mix of fresh graduates and IT professionals on a permanent or contract basis for a software roll-out project or for a new center, we can provide them in the shortest timeframe to help you manage your costs effectively. You can rely on us.

At Sciente International, we customize our engagements to suit the specific requirements of each client. Contact us, and together, we’ll tackle your technology talent management challenges in a competitive talent market.