We stay with what’s Right and not what’s Convenient.

Our purpose of doing business is to delight our Clients and Community. The Sciente Way is our way of aligning the whole organization towards achieving our purpose. All associates of Sciente International are guided by Sciente’s Values which are the very fabric of the “Sciente Way”. One of our Values is-we operate ethically with honesty, transparency and integrity. An associate should be transparent in transactions with respect to professional standards and work ethics. In case of conflict, they are expected to stay with the right and not the convenient.

This Integrity Policy is our attempt to minimize the doubts and to shed light on integrity as we believe and practice it.

All associates of Sciente International, irrespective of level, role and location, are bound by our Integrity Policy. We share it as part of the orientation to every new associate of Sciente International. At Sciente International, we do take our Values very seriously, of which Integrity is the keystone.

The Policy is explained to Leaders who are expected to steer compliance throughout the organization.

When you and I sign up to be an associate of Sciente, adherence to the Integrity Policy becomes the basic social contract of our mutual existence and respect.

Jit Nagpal
Chief Execution Officer

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