Returners To Work

Mums sacrifice their careers for their families and children. They grow their children with good education and values to be good citizens. Indeed, mums live meaningful lives. However, their career aspirations are compromised in this process.

Similarly, many professionals take a long career break to take care of their aging parents, look after an ill relative or travel around the world with teenagers. Taking a career break for family reasons is something one never regrets.

When these mums or professionals have fulfilled their duties or goals, they wish to come back to work. They wish to pursue their career aspirations.

Needless to say that many of them may face challenges. Their skills may not be relevant anymore. Their professional network could be limited to seek help. Their self-confidence may be affected due to uncertainty of future career paths. They may now have to compete with much younger workers. And they may still have responsibilities towards their families.

Our getting back to work programme is specifically designed for Moms or professional who have had a long career break and now, wanting to return to work. If you have aspirations to re-start the career, we are ready to give you an opportunity, train you, support you and to make your career a meaningful one too.


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