Community and Nature

Embracing Community and Nature

At Sciente International, our journey isn’t just about business; it’s about weaving the fabric of our community and fostering the environment that supports us collectively.Our unwavering commitment remains steadfast: goal of allocating up to 50% of our anticipated profits towards enriching lives, fostering social innovation, and preserving nature’s abundance.

This isn’t just a mission; it’s our identity.

Half Group Volunteering
Half Group Volunteering
Half Group Volunteering

Harmonizing Profits and Purpose: Blending Success with Social Good

Step in and you’ll discover a harmonious blend of purpose-driven initiatives and purposeful endeavours. Our hybrid business model seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds.

Hear from Ms. Lilian Chew, Head of Accounts about how she is living meaningfully due to Sciente’s policy of sponsoring a child’s education for each permanent employee.

Hear from Ms. Madeleine Cheah about her volunteering experiences and making her career a meaningful while working with Sciente.

Employee Volunteering

Our Associates are allowed to do community work of their choice on working days. This helps our Associates share a common purpose and create a work environment to live a meaningful life at work, at home & by giving back to the community.

Sciente team collaborates with NParks to assist in invasive species management, and planting trees in Singapore as part of the OneMillionTrees Movement. As a purpose-driven, hybrid organization, we believe in contributing to environmental initiatives.

We are an organisation with a purpose. A purpose of making the real impact in the lives of the people.

Nurturing Well-being: A Holistic Approach at Sciente

At Sciente, we understand the importance of holistic well-being for our associates.

We believe in the power of personalized support. During one-on-one mentorship sessions, Sciente prioritizes addressing both personal and professional challenges faced by our associates. Whether it’s navigating career aspirations or finding balance in their personal lives or managing a challenge, we’re always ready to help our team members achieve their goals and attain work-life success.

By fostering a culture of mutual support that values mental and emotional well-being, along with professional growth, we empower our Associates to thrive both inside and outside the workplace.

Embrace Sciente’s Journey: Where Community and Nature Flourish Together

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