Training & Development

If you are someone who wishes to have a meaningful career and wants to make a real impact, we will provide every opportunity to help you grow.

We believe in lifelong learning to constantly strengthen and update our own skills and in building better technology teams for Sciente and for our clients. At Sciente, we develop agile Technology Consultants for today and tomorrow.

Foundation training for Consultants

Our foundation training for Consultants is designed to develop your skills, and we are confident to say that it has matured over the years to be an effective training for fresh graduates and for professionals without any prior IT work experience. Your first 2-4 weeks will be focused on getting to know about Sciente, the hybrid business model of Sciente, Sciente way of doing business to delight clients, candidates and community, benefits, policies, need dynamics of clients, our service offering, about IT industry, internal systems and processes etc.

You will receive a training and orientation plan on your first day. We believe in letting you progress at your pace. It all depends on how you develop and be ready for a formal assessment of your learning and knowledge.

Successful Consultants quickly understand that knowing the processes and benefits of using it, are very important. This isn’t optional, but essential for success.

Results are a big part of our culture. We understand what it takes for a Consultant to be successful to achieve the end goal. For someone who is new to IT role, no two days are the same. Your learning agility is key to success.

With classroom, on-the-job and regular one-to-one coaching on a weekly basis, our programs cover processes, methodologies, and technology skills that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your background, once you join Sciente team, you can be on a steep and non-stop learning, enabling you to become an IT expert and build a rewarding and meaningful career as quickly as possible.

Hear from Ms. Cecilia Chong about the learning & development and career growth opportunities provided by Sciente.

Hear from Ms. Valorie Chu, Lead Consultant @SCIENTE International about how she has built her career in technology recruitment since her graduation.

Management training

At Sciente, we believe that in today’s volatile, complex and fast-changing world, you have to learn quickly and manage through experiences. We provide opportunities and big challenges for our Consultants so that they can learn to take ownership and execute successfully. With time, you can gain confidence to grow to Lead Consultant to Managing Consultant to Practice Lead levels.

Our program is tailored for you to succeed, combining practical training with online learning and regular organised sessions. It covers personal development, self-management, strategy, entrepreneurship and business management, client delight, people leadership, risk management and includes learning through events/community projects.

Leadership Development

Our proven training program gives you the platform to become a future leader of Sciente. The core of our leadership program is being an ambassador of Sciente values and HR culture. Our HR culture is designed to instil the qualities of leadership at all levels. For example, learning to operate in a highly aligned and loosely coupled structure, creating a meaning, being learning agile, inspiring trust, result orientation etc. are all part and parcel of the leadership building within our HR culture. There are no shortcuts and if you have passion and single-mindedness, you shall evolve yourself as a true leader irrespective of your level.

Career Progression

At Sciente, your career progression is entirely in your own hands. It is not a case of who has the most number of years of experience. But who has been delivering results and has the potential to succeed as a leader. For key leadership positions, we have always been promoting from within.

The necessary conditions for Promotions are:

  • You have to be a high-performer in your current role,
  • You have to be an extraordinary role model of learning agility/self-improvement, our HR culture and values,
  • You must be motivated for a bigger job and
  • You must be loyal to Sciente.

Your performance is measured against mutually agreed goals. You will also have regular sessions and appraisals with your manager who will coach you to develop your career path.

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