Information & Communication Technology Specialisation

The Information and Communication Technology sector has for many years been witness to some unique challenges in it’s operating environments. Technology has been a disruptive enabler that has also caused widespread change for both, the businesses in this area as well as for all of it’s customers. Market forces as well have played an important role in pushing for changes of many kinds.

The pace of change as well has been such that it is not surprising to see that the ICT sector often appears as a leader in recognizing and being proactive when it comes to managing their workforce talent with systems of high maturity. The ICT sector, which is typically, and often necessarily, characterized by high technology adoption rates has to constantly deal with having to induct, train and retain the relevant talent sets, as well as the right leadership that has the capability to manage various aspects of the business and workforce in a very dynamic business environment.

Partnership and Talent management in the ICT sector is one of Sciente International’s areas of strong expertise. Our leaders have specific experience within the IT industry across the world, and as such, we are well placed to partner with ICT companies of various stages of growth and help provide a range of value-added services to clients for mutual benefits.

At Sciente, we tailor engagements to meet the unique needs of each client. Contact us and together, let’s collaborate to transform your business in the ever-evolving landscape of Information & Communication Technology.