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A meaningful career. A satisfying one indeed.

 Are you talented, impatient in a stagnant environment or craving to succeed in a meaningful way by helping clients, candidates and community?

 Are you daring enough to think out of the box in any situation to achieve the desired goals?

 Are you bored with your current role and looking for a role which can make the real impact in the lives of people?

 Are you lost in the hectic transactional role and looking for a role with work-life success?

Sciente International offers:

Meaningful Career through Learning & Development:

meaningful career
  • an opportunity to learn through “structured” professional development program comprising of training, personal coaching and mentoring and perform as an IT consultant;
  • consultant at heart, everyone practices to follow consultative approach to maximise the value for our clients;
  • unparalleled opportunities to unlock the career which enable Sciente talents to learn and grow exponentially, and to make a real difference-a satisfying one indeed;
  • a meaningful career that results from being continuously challenged in the role but knowing that the hard work is rewarding and it delights someone every day.

Culture which Delights:

  • encourages learning agility in which new mistakes are welcome to gain experience;
  • a result-driven approach and yet we provide job security to all as per our ethics;
  • unbiased approach towards the rewards based on the merits;
  • a culture with a foundation of strong values, professionalism, work-life boundaries & care.

Digitalised Systems & Processes to help you achieve more:

Systems & Processes
  • proven track-record of over 17 years with award-winning internal HR system & HR practices/policies;
  • an excellent infra-structure, systems, ISO9001:2015 and Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certified processes & methodologies for everyone to perform with confidence and achieve greater heights.

Purpose-Driven: Social Innovations for Social Good:

Social Innovations for Social Good
  • social innovations for social good is the objective larger than the business for Sciente talents;
  • opportunities to develop the secondary skills of interest in other areas like community projects, on-line marketing, event management, etc. are offered so that you can do a little bit more meaningful for yourself and to delight the clients & community we live in.

Opportunities for professional and personal development:

  • professional, experienced and approachable leaders to provide direction, clarity and motivation Sciente talents need every day;
  • work-life success of our employees is our leaders’ way of measuring the success of our hybrid business model and mission of ‘delighted clients & community’;
  • and finally, if you dream to achieve greater heights at the fastest pace, Sciente is the ideal place with the tremendous career growth opportunities, a multi-award winning technology specialist, respected brand, social responsibility and professionalism.

Career Progression for all:

Career Progression
  • At Sciente, career opportunities are offered to all from fresh graduates to returning mums to career switchers to join our team, learn and grow with work-life success;
  • your career progression is entirely in your own hands;
  • for promotions, you have to be a high-performer in your current role;
  • you have to be an extraordinary role model of learning agility/self-improvement, our HR culture and values;
  • you must be motivated for a bigger job role and
  • you must be loyal to Sciente.
Send in your profile and let’s have a discussion. As a part of our growth, we have many career opportunities at various levels within various technology practices. IT Talent Acquisition, Human Resources and Accounts departments.

Hear from Ms. Crystal Teo about the career growth opportunities within technology recruitment consulting at Sciente.

Hear from Ms. Aditi Jain about the consultative approach of Sciente being followed in technology recruitment consulting to delight candidates and clients.

Hear from Ms. Nur Indah, Lead Accounts Executive about her experience being with Sciente for the past 3 years and how she was entrusted with bigger responsibilities despite joining Sciente as a fresh graduate.

Hear from Ms. Louise Teng, Lead Technical Consultant about how she has been making an impact since she started working in Sciente 6 years ago, after her graduation.

Hear from Ms. Hanna, when she completed her 3 years with Sciente.


“Recruiting is consulting, not selling”


Wanting to return to work after a career break?

Our getting back to work programme is specifically designed for Moms or professional who have had a long career break and now, wanting to return to work. If you have aspirations to re-start the career, we are ready to give you an opportunity, train you, support you and to make your career a meaningful one too.


What is it like to work with Sciente?

“Since joining Sciente in 2021, my career has flourished remarkably. The company’s dedication to fostering a positive work culture is evident, encouraging collaboration and appreciation.

The genuine recognition of hard work has motivated me to excel, boosting morale and instilling pride in tasks. Sciente International prioritizes professional development, offering 1:1 mentorship, skill workshops, and leadership programs to help employees reach their full potential.

Career advancement opportunities are abundant, reflecting the company’s commitment to nurturing talent. I’m proud to be part of an organization that values and contributes to employee success, shaping both my career and personal journey.”


Madeleine Cheah

Human Resource Lead (Projects)

“My journey with Sciente began in May 2019 and since the day one, it became very evident that the company stays true to its words – be it being the best in Technology Recruitment or to delighting the clients & our community service programs.

Even during Covid times, when the world around us was shaking, Sciente led the way by staying true to its mission: by being sincere in delighting the clients, candidates, internal associates while giving back to the community.

All this translated to my individual growth as well, wherein the training and mentoring helped me achieve my personal goals and accomplish a lot more than what I initially set out for myself.”


Aditi Jain

Managing Consultant

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