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1804, 2024

Poisoned AI Data Pipelines: When Tainted Data Corrupts Machine Learning Models

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  As artificial intelligence becomes deeply embedded across industries, the integrity of data flowing through interconnected pipelines is critical for training reliable machine learning models. However, there are concerning scenarios where if upstream AI systems become compromised by data poisoning attacks, that corruption could potentially cascade through entire AI supply chains - undermining downstream models and automated decision systems in turn.   The Emerging Threat of Data Poisoning   Data poisoning, where adversaries subtly manipulate training datasets to induce vulnerabilities and errors in machine learning [...]

504, 2023

From Distance to Success: Tips to Manage Remote Tech Talents Effectively

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  In recent years, there has been a shortage of technology professionals, leading organizations to seek alternative ways of getting the job done. IMF's report highlights a significant challenge for the tech industry, projecting over 85 million skilled workers shortage by 2030. This could result in an annual loss of revenue exceeding $8 trillion.   One of the ways for organizations to still get the job done is through "Remote Work" - hiring tech talents where talents are available. Earlier skills moved to a place [...]

2009, 2018

Technology Recruiting is consulting, not selling

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  A few days ago, I was having lunch with a few very talented professionals who used to work as recruitment consultants. Some of them have now moved on to different occupations. One of them told me that she left recruitment role because she was asked by her firm to sell jobs to potential candidates even if candidates did not match with the job requirements or job roles were not offering any career progression. She had to meet sales targets on a quarterly basis to [...]

2808, 2017

Does Age Limit Us?

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  Today, I watched a short video of Charles Eugster. In fact I watched it 5 times after receiving it from a friend.   Charles was not a lifelong athlete. He started to run at the age of 95. And he became a two-time world record holding sprinter in 95 plus age category.   I tried to know more about him. In fact, as an adult, he contracted TB and was found to have a hole – the size of an orange in one lung. [...]

504, 2017

Software Developers – Should You Also Call Yourselves Code Artists Next?

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  Software development has traditionally been associated with strong left brain activity, i.e. a high degree of analytical skills applied in solving computing problems through logical reasoning and structured thinking down to the lowest level of granularity required by technology.   While this has remained at the core of a software developers’ psychological makeup the environment around them has constantly been evolving and changing, even more so in the last ten years. Technological advances have produced newer and newer types of infrastructure and utility software [...]

1703, 2016

Lost and Found

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  How to minimise the chances of losing your job or maximising the chances of finding a new one when you are over forty five.   I read this article titled "Higher-skilled workers make up bulk of layoffs" in the Singapore news today. It tempted me to update "Lost & Found", my previous blog on a related subject.   Irrespective of market conditions people continue to lose their jobs and find new ones. During a recession or economic downturn, the number of jobs lost are [...]

1702, 2016

Pain-killers or Vitamins for IT Career

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  The markets these days are quite turbulent, if not just uncertain. One of the indicators of this is a significant degree of slowdown and negative sentiment on the job front. We have recently seen large rounds of job cuts and the flight of jobs to cheaper locations in several industry sectors such as banking, oil and gas, shipping, retails and many others. Deutsche Bank was a visible example of this. They are slashing 15,000 jobs (6000 of them in IT) and pulling out of [...]

1901, 2016

What’s that one technology that’ll make you a winner?

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  The careers of IT professionals are constantly at risk due to the astounding pace at which the technology landscape keeps changing. In addition, the current market volatility, supply and demand imbalances and job cuts in many sectors such as oil and gas, financial services have once again reminded us that we live in challenging times.   It can be quite strange and discomfiting to learn that a technology skill that was acquired and specialized in is suddenly not in demand any more. At some [...]

1001, 2016

To-Do or To-Be for IT Talents

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  2016, a fresh New Year has started, and many of us have made New Year resolutions. Most of the time we hear about a list of to-do items relating to weight loss, exercise, eating habits, quitting smoking, etc., as New Year resolutions. But should we have a list of to-be's, instead of a list of to-do's?   What do we want to be during this year? Are we going to improve upon our values or conscience in any way? Are we going to make [...]

201, 2015

Career. Awareness. Pilates

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  I am in the midst of a Pilates Teachers training program (Fletcher Pilates) where I have to complete hundreds of hours. One of the principles highlighted in the program is Awareness. In the material I have from the program it is described as follows: Having or showing realization, perception or knowledge; The condition of being aware, cognizant, conscious and perceptive; Proprioceptive understanding of where your body is in space and in relation to the equipment throughout the movement.   This awareness in Pilates is [...]