Health & Pharma Specialisation

The pharmaceutical sector has, in recent years, been facing excellent prospects the world over. Encouraging developments in global healthcare governance, schemes and regulation spurred on continuous advancement in various segments of the industry.

As happens in any rapidly growing field that involves high specialized skills and talent, this core sector and many of it’s supporting sectors has been facing extreme skill shortages. As the costs of retaining and maturing talent have gone up, there is a need for companies like Sciente International to provide support in managing the costs of other related activities down through it’s range of service offerings.

Sciente International services both the core pharmaceutical industry as well as it’s ancillary sectors that are involved in activities such as trials, research and analytics. Since this sector requires niche skills, our talent market intelligence enables us to tap into the right skill pools at the right time on demand, to service pharmaceutical industry.

At Sciente, we tailor engagements to meet the unique needs of each client. Contact us and together, let’s collaborate to transform your business in the ever-evolving landscape of Health & Pharma.