Contingent Technology Recruitment & Retained Search: On-the-fly

Contingency Recruitment is the phrase used to describe recruitment where we have agreed terms and conditions with Clients and are supplying them with people on an “ad hoc” and as needed basis.

It usually means we focus on our strong network of IT professionals and extensive database to source suitable IT talents for your positions.

Our focus is to make sure you spend as little time as possible interviewing unsuitable candidates. We do all the initial work – advertising, searching, screening and short-listing – and you choose who you want to interview.

Based on a no placement – no fee basis, the Contingent IT Recruitment service allows you to try our services before building a long-term relationship. Whether you intend to work with us regularly or just on an ad hoc basis, your requirement/s will get the same level of commitment and attention that we give to every role.

Reliable expertise

It is common knowledge that technology recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for many businesses, so it is hardly surprising that some companies want to put the process in the hands of experts.

Once they have experienced working with Sciente International, many of our contingency recruitment Clients ask us to work with them on a managed service basis. In doing so, many of them find they benefit from cost improvements, access to untapped talent, faster time to fill vacancies, management time savings and improved processes.

You will be allocated a technology Recruitment Consultant who will be your single point of contact – your ‘IT recruitment partner’ – and they will work with you to design the right service levels. We will work with you to forecast skill requirements, plan your recruitment strategy based on market conditions, define streamlined recruitment processes and then manage the process on your behalf. In short, we do what it takes to get the right digital & IT professionals in the right IT projects – on an ongoing basis.

We also manage or partner with other agencies you may already work with, or new agencies that can give us access to candidates with highly specialised skills or those based in unusual geographical areas. Many Clients appreciate having these advantages with the added efficiencies of only having to deal with one point of contact – a Sciente Technology Recruitment Consultant.

Sciente International’s Retained Search service is a premium recruitment method where a client engages us to find top-tier technology candidates for high-level or specialized positions. We ensure that dedicated senior technology search Consultant and a focused approach to identifying the best talent. This model guarantees a thorough and confidential search, leveraging our expertise, extensive networks, and rigorous vetting processes to secure the most suitable technology talents for the senior level critical roles of the clients.

At Sciente International, we customize our engagements to suit the specific requirements of each client. Contact us, and together, we’ll tackle your technology talent management challenges in a competitive talent market.