Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Focused recruitment

There is no such thing as a typical project. There are times when project requirements mean that IT professionals are needed at short notice, or a different recruitment process is required or a large number of IT professionals are required for a new project/centre, but will have to be sourced over a longer period of time.

Sciente International’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering allows you to focus on your project deliveries while we take responsibility for staffing them as an integral part of your organisation. We provide a scalable, dedicated number of IT recruitment consultants who will focus on, and respond to your project requirements in a timely and effective manner. So, when you have a need for IT professionals, leave IT to us.

Whatever the size and scale of your project resource challenge, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver. So, whether you need 50 IT professionals (permanent and/or contract basis) for a software roll-out project or for a new centre in the shortest timeframe, or you need to have them hired at certain intervals over a duration of several months, your dedicated Sciente RPO Consultants will work with you to scope, design and execute a suitable solution for you.

At Sciente International, we customize our engagements to suit the specific requirements of each client. Contact us, and together, we’ll tackle your technology talent management challenges in a competitive talent market.