On-boarding Outsourcing: Welcome aboard

At Sciente International, we completely agree that it is very important to manage the introduction of new entrants to your organization, from the very first stages of offer issuance & relocation/immigration onwards, with planning, logistics and attention to detail, so that they are comfortable, continue to be enthusiastic and able to become productive as quickly as possible. The on-boarding process is a major contributor towards shaping each new joiner’s first impression, and so in this day and age when a company’s workforce is one of it’s major competitive advantages, it is important that it is organized to perfection to exceed the expectations of new joiners.

Every one of our Clients has their own on-boarding and induction methods and techniques. Our Consultants are well experienced in identifying and picking up the unique nuances of our Clients’ new joiner socialization processes. No matter, whether your on-boarding and induction methods are designed to deal with new joiners individually or in groups, we can partner seamlessly to operate either the entire process or any elements of it for which additional support may be required.

Our approach to the socialization of new professionals is supported by our belief that a positive on-boarding experience by doing a little bit more, helps in building early job satisfaction, organizational commitment and better productivity. It’s a part of Sciente Way.

At Sciente International, we customize our engagements to suit the specific requirements of each client. Contact us, and together, we’ll tackle your technology talent management challenges in a competitive talent market.