Work-Life Success

Our HR policies are aligned with our hybrid mission. One of our values is that we value our associates over our profits. Therefore, we always put our employees first. And we ensure that we balance their successes at work and in life in a meaningful way.

We plan their learning & development from the day one so that they succeed at work. We provide them training on a daily basis along with the access to the internal systems to boost their productivity. 5-day week, flexible work arrangements, out-patient & hospitalisation healthcare benefits, incremental annual leave policy, wellness policies including having a massage chair, palates gears, exercising pedals in our office and paid days for CSR activities make their life a meaningful one indeed.

We have also provided them award winning internal system and ISO9001:2015 certified processes which help them do more with less.

In brief, we believe if our associates are successful at work & they go home happy then they shall succeed in their personal lives as well. Success at work, personal life and in giving back to the community make their lives meaningful with a purpose.

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