Intelligent Enterprise Application Platform

Case Study: A General Insurance Company

Overview: Our client was an insurance organisation. They were focused on creating fresh customer experiences through an innovative approach that aimed to make them a larger pan-Asian insurance provider. Their customer-led strategy offered easy-to-understand insurance products driven by cutting-edge digital technology. The goal was to change the way people felt about insurance altogether by making it simpler to understand, purchase, and file claims.

Challenges: Our client faced an extremely aggressive timeline to launch their reimagined products and to implement a modern Core Insurance Enterprise Platform integrated with an Online Sales and Servicing Portal. Meeting this tight deadline required assembling a skilled team with deep insurance domain knowledge coupled with proven experience in delivering enterprise technology implementations and systems integrations.

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente partnered with the client to quickly form a team of highly capable professionals specializing in building advanced digital portals and platforms like the one envisioned. Sciente’s team members brought extensive prior experience working with the specific Core Insurance Enterprise Platform required for this implementation. To meet the demanding schedule, Sciente’s team worked extended hours to rapidly design, develop, and deploy the new online portal. A critical component was integrating the public-facing front-end systems with the robust Core Insurance platform to provide seamless straight through processing of quotes, applications, and claims for customers. Sciente’s expertise in systems integration was crucial for ensuring this integration was completed successfully.

Outcome and Benefits: By complementing the client’s internal team with Sciente’s implementation resources and technical talents, client was able to swiftly launch and gain excellent traction in the general insurance market in Singapore within just six months after the new system went live. Sciente’s partnership enabled this customer-focused insurer to meet their aggressive timeline while providing the specialized insurance and technology capabilities needed to deliver their innovative digital platform on-schedule.

Data and AI

Case Study: A Life Insurance Company

Overview: The client was a reputable regional insurer and trusted name in the Asia insurance industry with over S$100 billion in assets. The client had huge amounts of data stored across multiple systems and wanted to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse to leverage AI and analytics tools for different aspects of the business, such as risk management, regulatory reporting, marketing, customer analytics, and more.

Challenges: The key challenge was the client’s data being spread across multiple legacy systems that needed to be consolidated.

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente’s team assisted the client in building the Enterprise Data Warehouse, drawing data from the various source systems. They implemented a framework for data analysis and reporting that enabled the use of predictive analytics and AI capabilities.

Sciente was involved in architecting the end-to-end solutions for the analytics products. This included sourcing data, contextualizing it, and integrating the data with business processes. The team built data ingestion pipelines to bring in data from multiple sources like social media and public data feeds.

They reviewed and monitored ETL tasks and performance, transforming and delivering the data downstream in the required formats through data modeling and engineering. Sciente assisted and supported the data warehouse systems across various platforms.

Throughout the project, Sciente ensured smooth production deployment of the data pipelines while adhering to the client’s data governance policies. They also identified and suggested solutions to improve the client’s data engineering processes.

Outcome and Benefits: By partnering with Sciente, the reputable insurer gained a modern data and analytics platform that consolidated their siloed data assets. This enabled advanced analytics, AI, and data-driven insights to drive innovation across risk, reporting, marketing, customer management and other key business areas.

Mobility Solutions

Case Study: Regional Mobility Conglomerate

Overview: The client was a reputable regional conglomerate that was building their IT system for core business operations entirely from scratch. This presented a challenging greenfield project requiring comprehensive technology implementation across the enterprise.

Challenges: The key challenge was to establish an enterprise IT ecosystem with compelling and user-centric digital capabilities to support the core business operations.

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente provided a team of designers to assist with the UX/UI design aspects of the implementation. Their designers helped set the design direction across various digital products and platforms being built. Sciente’s designers developed intuitive user interfaces focused on delivering the best possible user experience.

We leveraged best practices in experience design, service design, design operations, and systems thinking to structure abstract business needs into practical, logical and functional UI/UX designs aligned with organizational goals. Sciente’s designers collaborated efficiently to establish and improve design processes.

To adopt a research-centric approach, we conducted user research and usability testing. This involved creating wireframes, digital workflows, user journeys, design patterns, graphic designs, prototypes and mockups to guide the user experience.

Outcome and Benefits: Through our UI/UX design expertise, Sciente’s designers enabled the regional conglomerate to successfully establish an enterprise IT ecosystem with compelling and user-centric digital capabilities supporting core business operations from the ground up. While Sciente provided design capability, the conglomerate’s own team handled other implementation aspects like architecture, project management, development and deployment.

Agile Testing and Deployment

Case Study: A Regional Bank

Overview: The client was a regional bank that was integrating and consolidating their systems for wholesale banking operations across the region. This large-scale systems consolidation required rigorous testing and deployment processes.

Challenges: The key challenge was to ensure the complex integrated wholesale banking platform met all requirements and functioned as expected before deployment.

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente worked closely with the bank’s team to assist with agile testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and deployment activities for the consolidated wholesale banking platform.

Sciente’s testers collaborated closely with the UAT Team Lead to ensure a clear understanding of requirements and scope. They performed comprehensive end-to-end testing while maintaining a full grasp of the business requirements and functional specifications.

To enable efficient automated testing, Sciente leveraged the TOSCA tool – a software testing solution that allowed them to design test cases and automate end-to-end testing processes. Using TOSCA’s capabilities, they could thoroughly validate the integrated systems.

Outcome and Benefits: Throughout the complex integration and consolidation project, Sciente’s testing expertise helped ensure the regional bank’s new wholesale banking platform met all requirements and functioned as expected before deployment. Our agile testing approach and the use of automated testing tools enabled high quality implementation while maintaining execution velocity.

By partnering with Sciente, the regional bank benefited from independent testing resources and advanced tool utilization. This facilitated a successful migration to their consolidated wholesale banking platform with confidence in the integrated systems’ end-to-end reliability.