September 12, 2017 – Team of specialist IT recruitment firm, Sciente International is excited to receive an Award for “The Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering & IT Positions” by HRM Readers’ Choice Award 2017 during the Gala Dinner (recognising the excellence) on September 8, 2017. We are humbled to receive the 5th award during this year.


Sciente organization was founded as a hybrid organisation with a purpose of making a long term beneficial impact in the lives of people – “an objective which is larger than business”, through the sponsorship by business. Significant percentage of Sciente’s forecasted profits are being invested into social innovations & community services efforts for last 10 years.


“With ISO9001 certified processes, award winning tech HR resource management systems, highly trained & stunning team of Consultants, our local market knowledge and 10 years of proven track-record in technology recruitment, we are 100% ready to strive to be the biggest technology recruitment firm in Singapore. But what makes us different is our mind-set of making the real impact which matters to you”, said Jit Nagpal, founder & chief execution officer at Sciente Organisation.


Sciente International received the maximum number of votes by distinguished judges, our clients, candidates & HR community for the category of “The Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering & IT Positions” conducted by HRM Asia.


Besides, in a recent feedback survey conducted among our candidates, 100% of respondents indicated that they trust Sciente as an IT career partner. 33% of our clients rated us ‘very good’ and 67% rated us ‘excellent’.


As a specialist in IT recruitment and IT talent search, Sciente International has also adopted innovative use of technology in IT career development using value innovation to delight clients and IT community.


Sciente International is a multi-award winning, ISO9001:2008 certified specialist IT recruitment consulting services provider of choice for many large organisations and MNCs across all industries. With a consultative approach at heart, extensive market knowledge and deep technology expertise in business and enterprise applications, IT security, business analytics, IT infrastructure, data centre management, mobility and quality assurance & testing, the organisation devises innovative strategies which match the goals of clients & candidates.


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