Our client , a global organization providing smart engineering solutions, offers a complete suite of IT security solutions to strengthen the cyber resilience of public and private enterpises.
Seeking a Security Analytics Engineer to perform Research & Development and to contribute to security related data collection and processing.

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • Bachelors, Masters or PhD in computer science or electrical engineering;
  • 2 to 5  experience in system software programming (Linux / MacOS / Windows / Cloud / Mobile) using Python or C/C++ ;
  • Experienced in writing code for data collection and analysis from Operating Systems;
  • Knowledgeable in machine learning or neural network libraries like TensorFlow, Kera, PyTorch, Caffe2 , MXNet;
  • Problem Solver with key attention to detail and strong analytical skills;
  • Team player with good communication skills.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Certification in data analytics;
  • Prior experience in IT security related projects.


  • Contribute to analytics initiatives for data collection, aggregation, and analysis for security monitoring and threat detection;
  • Write code for collection of data from operating system in kernel and user mode with minimal impact on system performance;
  • Develop cross platform code for multi-threaded applications;
  • Collaborate with platform team for seamlessly implementing and integrating new security features;
  • Maintain relevant documentation as per organizational standards and communication with concerned stakeholders;
  • Provide inputs for scope estimation and planning in an Agile environment.
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