Interested in IT Recruitment Consulting career?

A meaningful career. A satisfying one indeed.

If you are talented, impatient in a stagnant environment or craving to succeed in a meaningful way by helping clients, candidates and community, need freedom or daring enough to think out of the box in any situation to achieve the desired goals and are committed to be a professional with high integrity, you are ready for Sciente International.

In return, Sciente International shall bring:

  • an opportunity to learn through structured professional development program comprising of training, personal coaching and mentoring and perform as an IT recruitment specialist;
  • unparalleled opportunities to unlock the career which enable Sciente talents to learn and grow exponentially, and to make a real difference-a satisfying one indeed;
  • a meaningful career that results from being continuously challenged in the role but knowing that the hard work is rewarding and it delights someone every day;
  • a result-driven & unbiased approach towards the rewards based on the merits;
  • a culture with a foundation of strong values, professionalism, work-life boundaries & care;
  • an excellent infra-structure, systems, ISO9001:2008 certified processes & methodologies for everyone to perform and achieve greater heights;
  • professional & experienced leadership to provide direction, clarity and motivation Sciente talents need every day;
  • social innovations for social good is the objective larger than the business for Sciente talents and therefore, opportunities to develop the secondary skills of interest in other areas like community projects, on-line marketing, event management, etc. so that you can do a little bit more meaningful to delight the clients and community we live in;
  • and finally, if you want to achieve greater heights at the fastest pace, Sciente is the ideal place with the current tremendous growth, a leading & respected brand, social responsibility & professionalism.

Send in your profile and let’s have a discussion. As a part of our growth, we have many open positions at various levels within IT Talent Acquisition & Recruitment arena. Contact Us Now!


612, 2016

Sciente International is appointed as a recruitment agency by GovTech, Contract & Permanent IT Manpower Services for over 60 ministries and statutory boards

Singapore, November 24, 2016 - Team of specialist IT recruitment firm, Sciente [...]

309, 2016

Sciente International Receives an Award for “The Best Recruitment Firm for Engineering & IT Positions”

September 2nd 2016 - Team of a specialist IT recruitment firm Sciente [...]

2507, 2016

Sciente International receives an Award – Leading HR Practices for Corporate Social Responsibility

July 8, 2016, Singapore: A specialist IT recruitment firm Sciente International is [...]

1404, 2016

Sciente International wins Silver Award – Best Recruitment Innovation by a Recruitment Agency

A specialist IT recruitment firm Sciente International has won Silver Award under [...]

2111, 2015 gets shortlisted for the best Learning Management System & Talent Management Software Awards.

November 2, 2015, Singapore -, a leading professional development platform for [...]

What is it like to work with Sciente?

“Two years ago, I was given an opportunity at Sciente to learn as an intern. Now, I have joined Sciente as a full time Associate. What I like the most about Sciente is that they are people-oriented and truly care about the welfare of their employees. They make an effort to make everyone comfortable at work.

Working at Sciente gives me the freedom to do my tasks and they trust me to do them well – these 2 factors are what I look for in a company. Moreover, am encouraged and recognized for the efforts and work I did. We celebrate the success together.

I like working and moving towards our goals as a team. The democratic leadership style in Sciente encourages everyone, regardless of the position, to contribute during the decision-making process. I am happy to be back!”

Louise Teng

Louise Teng

Technical Consultant

“In my association of more than 3 years with Sciente, I started as a Market Research Analyst and within a very short span of time was promoted to Consultant and then on to Lead Consultant role. Surrounded by hard working and intelligent colleagues, the work environment was always driven for success.

Professionalism, Honesty and Passion to Delight were the key tenets that all of us adhered to and it showed in our ability to achieve great results.

I will always be thankful to Sciente for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person.

Sciente belongs to a group of very talented, dedicated and sincere people. It gives me a sense of pride to call myself a Scientean.”



Lead Consultant – IT Recruitment