Top Tech Roles in Singapore in 2019
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Top Tech Roles in Singapore in 2019

The future of the Singapore IT job market is expected to remain reasonably firm through the year 2019, although its rate of growth and compensation levels may be moderated by a number of market environment factors.

This pattern of growth coupled with the encouraging digital transformation and resource skilling initiatives of the Singapore government leads us to expect to see the following trends which will influence hiring patterns and levels in 2019.
  1. An increased adoption of data science, analytics and automation to keep a check on rising costs while also improving customer satisfaction levels and the overall customer experience
  2. An increased focus on managing IT risk and on ensuring the security of global corporate information assets, networks and IT infrastructure
  3. An increased uptake of solutions that involve a convergence of artificial intelligence, Big Data and cloud computing across functions and industry sectors
  4. A continued evolution in the design of the optimum user experience, leading to a rise in demand in this area of expertise
  5. An uptick in adoption of autonomous devices and virtual reality in business and consumer applications
  6. Increased demand for project managers who can work across technologies and functional areas will remain strong.
Based on our market analytics and deep knowledge of the local IT job market, we’ve prepared a more detailed forecast of the top ten IT roles that will be in demand in Singapore in 2019.

Download the full free report to access a number of data points, such as
  • The digital adoption trends forecast for the key IT hiring sectors
  • The actual quantum of market demand towards the end of 2018 (by role and skill)
  • Predictions of demand for individual skills based on global and local market intelligence
  • The specific skills and capabilities that employers are looking for
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