6 November 2023

We are seeking experienced DevOps Engineers to join our Platform Engineering team. In this role, you will play a crucial part in ensuring our platform is highly available, secure, and efficiently automated to handle a wide range of workloads in a cost-effective manner. Your responsibilities will include identifying bottlenecks, upgrading the platform, and maintaining its high availability with minimal downtime.

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • A degree in Computer Science, Information Security, or a related field provides a strong foundation in computer systems and security principles;
  • Prior experience in a DevOps or similar role demonstrates your expertise in the field;
  • Experience in working with Identity and Access management framework for SSO (Single Sign On) Integration namely , keycloak, Ping, Oracle IDMS and others;
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms is essential for modern DevOps, as it enables the automation and scalability of infrastructure;
  • Proficiency in Windows and Linux operating systems, along with scripting languages like Shell, Perl, and Python, is crucial for managing and automating system tasks;
  • These skills are vital for identifying and addressing issues promptly, ensuring the platform's stability;
  • Familiarity with backend languages is beneficial for understanding and optimizing the performance of platform components;
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines (e.g., Jenkins/GitLab CI/CD) and version control systems (e.g., git/svn) helps streamline software delivery;
  • Managing containerized applications and orchestrating them with tools like Docker and Kubernetes is essential for scalability and automation;
  • Using IaC tools ensures consistent and repeatable infrastructure provisioning and configuration management;
  • Experience with these components is valuable for understanding and optimizing the platform's architecture and performance;
  • Familiarity with microservices and related technologies is important for troubleshooting end-to-end issues in a microservices-based architecture.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Experience in DevSecOps.


  • Working closely with both development and operations teams is essential for aligning efforts, streamlining processes, and ensuring the platform meets its availability and security goals;
  • Using automation tools and scripting languages like Shell and Python, as well as configuration management tools like Ansible and Terraform, to automate manual tasks reduces the risk of human error and accelerates project delivery;
  • Developing and implementing security solutions is vital for addressing vulnerabilities and safeguarding the platform against potential threats;
  • Experience in deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting software applications and systems on Linux Servers (e.g., RHEL, Ubuntu) ensures the reliability and performance of the platform;
  • Handling client issues within defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and collaborating with the team to deliver effective solutions demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction;
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills are essential for working cohesively with cross-functional teams and contributing to a positive team environment;
  • Being self-motivated indicates a proactive approach to problem-solving and continuous improvement, which is valuable in a DevOps role;
  • Regular monitoring, backup, deployment automation, and maintenance of platform components are critical for ensuring high availability and reliability.

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