15 June 2021

Looking for a leader to lead the digital transformation for effective knowledge management and communication for the organization.

You will leverage on different technologies, collaboration tools and platforms to effect tighter collaboration, knowledge sharing, build trust and engagement across multiple locations.

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • Experience in leading a cross-functional team and quickly establish credibility across all levels of the organization;
  • Rich experience in knowledge management and collaboration tools;
  • Experience with all aspects of SharePoint, site collection, standard out of the box functionality, wikis, calendars, workflows;
  • Experience with technologies such as enterprise portals, web technologies, content/document management, collaboration and communication technologies;
  • Good understanding of best practice in sharing, threaded discussions, blogging, task tracking, and shared calendars, etc;
  • Experience developing surveys and workflows and overseeing the mobile aspects of SharePoint team site;
  • Understanding of building/creation, support and growth of the social aspects of SharePoint and Yammer;
  • Leadership in leading strategic initiatives that spans cross functional, cross cultural work teams;
  • Astute at managing multiple stakeholders and balancing the expectations, negotiating problem resolution in the face of competing priorities;
  • Strong personality and yet personable to build, present and discuss technical information in a business-friendly way that establishes rapport and buy-in.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Experience in effective internal communications.


  • Lead the ongoing programme to drive an effective & collaborative work culture;
  • Develop strategic direction for effective internal communications and information sharing via digital means;
  • Implementation of knowledge/information management and awareness programme, targeted at staff at all levels in the organization;
  • Use digital platforms to deliver strategic activities into messages and activities that are relevant at organizational, divisional and individual level;
  • Closely partnering with HR and other stakeholders to execute the needed organizational culture integration and transformation; and process changes to facilitate greater collaboration;
  • Drive collaboration technology vision and implementation program to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of each employee, team, division and country;
  • Develop structures and designs for organization knowledge management systems and SharePoint as a potent vehicle for information sharing/collaboration;
  • Explore different digital communication delivery channels to most effectively deliver messages to different audiences; e.g. intranet, social media, print, digital screens, email as the appropriate means for communicating with staff depending on the context, complexity and importance;
  • Manage the published Intranet content and devise processes for ongoing management and change of the content in future;
  • Put in place and drive collaboration governance, steering and change committee, plan digital workplace initiatives across the organization, review and share best practices;
  • Creating constructive awareness, communication that can inspire trust within the organization through digital platforms and facilitate knowledge sharing & transparency;
  • Oversee collaboration platform development by external vendors and the continual enhancements;
  • Create a digital framework / strategy for clear & effective employee to create a sense of shared and develop a high-performance collaborative culture.
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