3 February 2021

Our client is looking for an experienced data scientist to lead a team and develop analytical solutions for multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • PhD/Bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Data Science and Analytics;
  • Has around 5 years of experience in Data Engineering or Data Science field;
  • Proven to be able to lead and solve complicated technical problems in Data Engineering or Data Science areas;
  • Good hands on experience solving business problems using Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Modelling;
  • Experienced in working with large data sets (statistical analysis, data visualization, data mining, data cleansing, data transformation and machine learning);
  • Must be familiar with big data streaming and visualization tools such as Apache Nifi, Storm, Spark, Airflow, Kibana, Tableau;
  • Good knowledge in Cloud Computing platforms & Machine Learning Cloud Services, for example, AWS SageMaker, Google ML Engine, and MS Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • Able to apply scientific thinking to solving business problems through analytics and data;
  • Possess excellent written, verbal and presentation skills.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Experience in big data tools (Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Elastic Stack, Kafka) and databases (Cassandra, MongoDB, and Neo4J).


  • Collaborate with product owners and solution architects to translate and formulate business requirements into technical specifications of data platform;
  • Oversee a team of data engineers to roll out a robust, scalable, and efficient data refinery related solutions using suitable data engineering or big data engineering techniques;
  • Develop data ETL and data analysis for structured/unstructured and streaming data;
  • Work closely with Artificial Intelligence scientists to integrate data pipeline with Machine Learning pipeline;
  • Assist project managers / directors with budgeting and resource planning for data refinery and Artificial Intelligence projects.
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