5 January 2021

Are you looking for a new challenging role?
Our client is looking to grow their team of DevOps Engineers to support and automate their operations & processes and ensure reliability, scalability and performance.

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Systems;
  • At least 5 years hands-on experience in the implementation in DevOps and cloud Technologies ( AWS );
  • Proficient in DevOps tools (Git / Github, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Jira, Jenkins, Confluence, Ansible, AWS, etc.);
  • Experience in establishing process optimization, build automation and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for coverage/analysis, dependency management, artifact management;
  • Experienced using Software Defined Network or Infrastructure as a Code ( IaC ) using Terraform or Cloudformation;
  • Well versed in monitoring, tracing and logging using Promethus, Grafana, New Relic, AWS Cloudwatch, ELK;
  • Experience in Server administration and troubleshooting Linux based environment;
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to analyse and resolve issues;
  • Desire for learning and a passion for automation, latest technologies and best practices;
  • Excellent interpersonal and stakeholders management skills.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Certification in AWS;
  • Experience working in Command Center setup.


  • Responsible for the definition and delivery of fully automated build and deployment processes in accordance with business needs;
  • Collaborate with development, infrastructure, data center, security and product teams to define Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes in accordance with industry standards;
  • Design Build and Release routines to ensure high availability, scalability, security and resiliency;
  • Lead the implementation and configuration of CI/CD pipelines with integrations to various development, quality and security tools;
  • Implement effective application monitoring on different layers such as Content Delivery Network( CDN), web/application, cache, database and Infrastructure;
  • Identify, diagnose and resolve pipeline bottlenecks, build failures and other issues in the different environments;
  • Design and maintain cloud infrastructure and services to improve reliability, security and performance;
  • Provide On-call Support (rotational) to the development teams during production incidents & off peak hour activities;
  • Stay abreast of emerging DevOps technologies and digital trends;
  • Continuously identify opportunities to incorporate best practices in automation, optimization and new efficiencies.
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