29 July 2020

An excellent opportunity to gain experience in machine learning as a Data Scientist with a well-established bank.

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • Masters / Bachelors in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or Decision Science;
  • At least 3 years of experience solving business problems using Data Mining, Machine Learning and Statistical Modelling;
  • Extensive experience working with large data sets, including statistical analysis, data visualization, data mining, and data cleansing / transformation and machine learning;
  • Experience using statistics, analytical software / tools / platform such as R, Python, SAS, Hadoop and SQL;
  • Proficiency in using databases like Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server and others;
  • Able to apply scientific thinking to solve business problems using analytics and data;
  • Excellent writing skills, good verbal communications skills and good presentation skills.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Good understanding of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts;
  • Experience of working in industry (ecommerce, technology, consumer banking, telecoms and retail).


  • Solve business problems using machine learning, data mining, statistical modelling and data analytics;
  • Understand requirements from the business stakeholders;
  • Translate business requirements into a problem that can be quantified and solved with analytics and data;
  • Mine data and analyse them to drive optimization and improvements of processes and customers experience;
  • Provide analytics solutions across the Bank ranging from recommendation engines, propensity models, customer segmentation, graph models, pricing and more;
  • Develop machine learning and statistical modelling.
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