Financial Services organizations are forerunners in harnessing Data Analytics methodologies to provide prescriptive and predictive directions to marketing campaigns. The right combination of technical skills, quantitative thinking and business acumen is required to translate seemingly unrelated data into valuable marketing insights.

Do you have it in you?
If yes, here is an exciting opportunity to be part of the Marketing Analytics team of a well established firm in Singapore .

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • Degree in Business Analytics, Applied Mathematics or Statistics;
  • At least 4 years of analytical experience in financial services industry;
  • Experienced in data mining tools like SAS EM and analytics tools like Base SAS, SAS EG;
  • Proficient in developing dashboards using Business Intelligence ( BI ) tools like Qlikview, Tableau;
  • Possess an eye for detail and the ability to view the big picture from a business perspective;
  • Analytical thinker with good communication and interpersonal skills.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • SAS Certification.


  • Contribute to the increase in customer base and market share through Marketing Campaign analytics;
  • Develop dash boards and reporting mechanisms that appropriately convey marketing results in an insightful manner;
  • Discuss and advise business on analytics requirements and related performance metrics to be tracked;
  • Involve in data preparation, data mining, pre-campaign sizing and post-campaign analysis;
  • Apply predictive analysis and develop customer segmentation and statistical models that contribute to the development of effective marketing campaign strategies;
  • Provide integrated marketing analytical solutions across customers and channels to improve marketing decision-making;
  • Drive continuous improvements/proactive review/optimization of campaign performance tracking report with business;
  • Keep abreast of recent innovations and industry standards in marketing analytics.


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