A leading organisation in the industry of Content Protection is looking for a Content Protection Analyst to support the development and implementation of enforcement to combat online piracy. Fresh graduates are welcomed to apply too!

Mandatory Skill(s)

  • Technical College or Bachelor\’s degree in Computer Science;
  • Knowledge of content distribution and file-sharing technologies (eg. peer-to-peer, Usenet, streaming and downloading, and broadcasting);
  • Expertise regarding the relationships between ISPs, domain names, WHOIS, IP addresses and hosting providers;
  • Experience with communications systems (eg. DNS and IP networking infrastructures);
  • Strong background and working experience with website design, development and administration (eg. HTML, JAVA, PHP);
  • Direct programming experience and expertise in programming language or operating system concepts;
  • Strong ability to draft highly technical and/or detailed reports, communicate complex project elements to a wide range of audiences;
  • Able to communicate with stakeholders of varying experience and to work creatively quickly to produce results effectively.

Desirable Skill(s)

  • Knowledge of Ad-Networks including delivery methods, ad placement and affiliate marketing;
  • Ability to communicate in more than 1 language.


  • Monitor, investigate and report on copyright infringement occurring online through established and emerging content distribution technologies;
  • Assess and monitor infringement level on internet platform, including red flag keywords on ecommerce platforms;
  • Engage in in-depth open-source intelligence investigations of high priority targets for criminal referrals;
  • Identify the operator of an infringing service and all its intermediaries used;
  • Develop scripts for conducting automated scrapes of online information for intelligence gathering and enforcement purposes;
  • Create, develop and/or revise business processes and applications to aid in the streamlining of international intelligence activities;
  • Liaise with local programs regarding civil and criminal cases and provide cross border support with Global Hub Team;
  • Determine the popularity of infringing services and create landscapes of infringing services that meet specific criteria;
  • Conduct detailed forensic analysis of online content, including reviewing technical infrastructure of online platforms and sites;
  • Analyze, investigate and report on websites at the code level;
  • Analyze network traffic;
  • Organize the intake of vendor-supplied information into internal tracking and case management systems.
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