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Jit has played a leading role in information technology industry for more than 28 years by catering to the needs of customers within financial services, insurance, telecommunications & government sectors, governing projects and managing functional & business operations in Asia Pacific & Middle East.

Does Age Limit Us?

Today, I watched a short video of Charles Eugster. In fact I watched it 5 times after receiving it from a friend. Charles was not a lifelong athlete. He started to run at the age of 95. And he became a two-time world record holding sprinter in 95 plus age category. I tried to know [...]

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Software Developers – Should You Also Call Yourselves Code Artists Next?

  Software development has traditionally been associated with strong left brain activity, i.e. a high degree of analytical skills applied in solving computing problems through logical reasoning and structured thinking down to the lowest level of granularity required by technology. While this has remained at the core of a software developers' psychological makeup the environment [...]

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Lost and Found

How to minimise the chances of losing your job or maximising the chances of finding a new one when you are over forty five. I read this article titled "Higher-skilled workers make up bulk of layoffs" in the Singapore news today. It tempted me to update "Lost & Found", my previous blog on a related [...]

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Pain-killers or Vitamins for IT Career

The markets these days are quite turbulent, if not just uncertain. One of the indicators of this is a significant degree of slowdown and negative sentiment on the job front. We have recently seen large rounds of job cuts and the flight of jobs to cheaper locations in several industry sectors such as banking, oil [...]

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What’s that one technology that’ll make you a winner?

The careers of IT professionals are constantly at risk due to the astounding pace at which the technology landscape keeps changing. In addition, the current market volatility, supply and demand imbalances and job cuts in many sectors such as oil and gas, financial services have once again reminded us that we live in challenging times. [...]

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To-Do or To-Be for IT Talents

2016, a fresh New Year has started, and many of us have made New Year resolutions. Most of the time we hear about a list of to-do items relating to weight loss, exercise, eating habits, quitting smoking, etc., as New Year resolutions. But should we have a list of to-be's, instead of a list of [...]

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Interview Tips for IT professionals

In the past, most of the successful hiring of IT professionals used to primarily be based on their IT skill-set. As corporates have made IT strategy an integral part of their core business strategy, the needs & expectations of IT professionals have changed too. It has become very common to see the IT professionals within [...]

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Allow Yourself to Be Successful

Amongst most of us, the occupation and the definition of success may vary but there is one thing which is common i.e. a desire to be successful. Thereafter, the question is, "are we all able to translate this desire into a reality?" During my professional career, I have interviewed and hired hundreds of professionals. Based [...]

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3-Peat: Sciente International is awarded for “The Best Recruitment Agency – Technology” in Singapore

Sciente team is humbled to receive an Award for “The Best Recruitment Agency – Technology” at HR Asia Recruitment Awards 2018. Our HR culture is designed for being innovative to delight our clients & community and therefore, this is indeed an encouraging moment during our journey with a purpose.

Sciente Wins The Best Recruitment Agency - Technology

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